Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 16 Sunday

After learning more about the wonders of raw foods I went to the organic supermarket and picked up some great specials.
2 mangoes for 1.79, apples and pears the same price as at coles etc. Some images of my fridge.
Beetroot chips are 2.49. Btw my mum and mr marvel loved the raw beetroot salad. Picked up some nice ripe bananas great to make SCD pancake with.
I also picked up some multi vitamins I might also double check with Elaine's book for the best ones I need.
I baked some more delicious muffins in my miracle cup cake machine. Ingrediants pulp from my apple and carrot juicer, home made ground almonds, canola oil, boiled sultanas and all in the muffin tray. I'm not bothering with bi carb any more.forgot to mention Mr Marvel cooked blue eye cod to perfection at lunch time - just a grill, drizzle of olive oil and organic sea salt and pepper.

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