Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 4 week day - lunch

Another fast meal is omellete. Whilst eating I checked out a great attitude and with some good words of caution.
This omellete was
Blue cheese, 3 eggs seperated, parsely, mushroom,spring onion, block cheese - cooked to perfection.

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Day 4 - week day

Feeling great this morning and Determined to prepare breakfast in under 10 min..
Hack into a coconut for coconut water.
Chop some strawberries throw in a couple of grapes, small squeeze of honey and cinnamon and onto the stove in a little water, lid on and at the same time roasting some cashews.. Quicker than Tweetie can say "I thought I saw a pussy cat" it's all cooked. I take a sip off the coconut water and add the very light syrup into the coconut water.. Delicious!
The blog took longer to prepare.
I did consult BTVC before roasting any pumpkin seeds and it's says illegal so I didnt use them and now I know.

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Weekend- Sunday night

Organic chicken stir fry- two portions of organic chicken thighs, 3 whole cloves (next time will get a cloth to put them into) fresh minced garlic,mushrooms, tiny honey squeeze(if you haven't guessed I've bought the squeeze bottle but will consider a large bulk buy soon-probably when I purchase the yoghurt maker) lemon juice, parsley- I think basil or thyme could work better.

Dessert - jelly special from last night. Miss Delight enjoyed it and said it was an 8/10.
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Weekend- Sunday night dinner

Entree - Tomato grape, blue cheese,anchovies
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Resisting 24 cup cakes

Thought this was almost impossible but focussing on my milk and sugarfree tea was a great help. Photo of pregnant sister and the cupcakes I resisted.

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Weekend - Sunday and at my sister's baby shower

The jelly I made from Gelatine - Kosher and fresh Apple and Passionfruit Juice by the Juice Company,some vanilla pod seeds and honey for sweetening.
This morning before I could take a picture I had to sample it and it was delicious.
I also baked a strange looking biscuit of coconut (but very very tasty).
Preparation time: 10 min and then 7min in a fan forced oven
Shredded coconut toasted on the stove before hand, unsalted butter, honey, pinch of baking soda - the legal stuff, and almond meal to bind together and form into a pastry like consistency. It made about 12 and I've eaten 3. Will try and save them for the working week.


AAA Sydney Rock Oysters and sashimi from the fish markets was divine. Then Miss Delight and I visited the Tap Gallery (viewed the works of Peter Skirron) and up to Oxford street to experience the Sydney Mardi Gras 2010 (see picture of Virgin Blue bus). I was starving by 10pm and did a food shop and into the kitchen.
Cheese and Carrot salad
2 large carrots grated
Cracked pepper
Real balsamic vinegar
Grated block cheese
1 shallot sprig
Cooked Dish-
Sear slices of tuna and salmon
1/4 of Spanish onion fried
Half steamed bunch of English spinach and sprinkled with sesame seeds
Coconut, almond meal, lots of honey, butter, dates and a pinch of baking soda.
All through a hand held blender then into the oven for 8 min.
Take out and cool.
Jelly with juice and honey prepared with gelatin.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 3 Weekend

Having got up at an unearthly hour to tidy the place then lock myself out of my room.. I finally picked up my wonderful guest from the airport and introduced her to the Paddington neighbourhood. I forget how peaceful my home is ie a Japanese hut on the edge on an enchanted forest with large mystical birds singing in the background. We may swim in the pool of divine youth that can be seen from the first storey window. But in the meantime..
A breakfast snack:
Same as yesterday, I served my guest and I a boiled egg with hand made salt and pepper. My guest Miss Delight gave me Ginseng tea as a gift and we enjoyed a cup along with the egg.
I'm back to sleep and will awake when I don't feel so tired.
At the Sydney fish markets enjoying some sea wonder... I think about that BBC special called FISH!! and I appreciate the Japanese relationship with fish.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amococo at the Adeliade Fringe Festival - intestine anyone?

Day 2 A working day

Yesterday, having missed lunch and eaten fast food just before a flight back from Adeliade to Sydney (prior to the beginning of the new good scd food path) I woke up with a bloated sore belly and reminded myself how wonderful the scd food program is and set about preparing a 5 min breakfast before starting on a mountain of urgent work.
A boiled egg with a delicious mix of stone ground seas salt sprinkled on the top.
1 mug of tea that was milk/sugar free (surprisingly not bad) and a glass of fresh juice. I'm off to the office at the gorgeous The Rocks area in Sydney and looking forward to lunch.
For some rehydration I hacked into the fresh coconut and the water was delicious.
At The Rocks Sydney at my new local coffee shop I had my first long black with honey - different.
Lucky for me the outdoor trading of key restaurants is out in the streets and on Argyle street at the markets just outside my office. I was served up a steak and fresh tomato, fried onion and rocket salad instead of the burger option.
Afternoon tea was a handful of pistachios and some fresh dates from my desk drawer in the office.
Dinner will be last night's left overs heated up. I'm feeling inspired to create something with coconut, dates and nut meal for dessert.
Ok I didn't get to that ambition tonight but I did have a delicious seafood skewer meal from the market street stands outside my office for 8AUD. Lots of LEGAL foods on that one. Also had a couple glasses of dry white wine with my office folk and a second midnight snack with a mini cheese platter - no crackers/lavosh.

Day 1 To Good Living

After much contemplation over the past year and greatly inspired by Elaine Gottschall and the book Breaking The Vicious Cycle - Intestinal Health
( see and various other great sites. I thought this blog would be a great reference for quick and delightful specific carbohydrate diet meals. This is towards my long term good colon health and sharing the experience.
As a very busy and creative person removing toxic foods (see the above website) is challenging but I believe possible. A number of the recipes will be made up, adapted and borrowed from great sites. The key is to navigate through day to day meal time with exciting options that are really quick to identify, prepare or purchase.

You've got to be passionate about your life
. (taken from

Having just got back from Adeliade tonight, I noticed a couple of fresh coconuts in the fridge and a well stocked pantry containing a number of different kind of nuts. I'll prepare something with this in the morning.
For dinner I prepared a couple lamb cutlets (washed before hand and rubbed garlic and lemon on them before cooking) and a stir fry.
Stir Fry
1/4 of a spanish onion
1/2 handful of almonds
fresh ginger
cut and peeled 2 zuchini's
cut and peeled 2 nectarine's
baby spinach
cracked pepper and handmade salt, home dried thyme
fish sauce (no sugar or illegals)
1.Onion fry in olive oil and added fresh ginger.
2. Add zucchini's and nectarines
3. Added cracked pepper and handmade salt and almonds
4. Threw in baby spinach at the last minute.

Cooking time 15 min. I like the lamb cutlets well cooked and fat crispy so they were
under the grill for 25 min

Delicious and I have some left over for lunch tomorrow at my office.