Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 3 Weekend

Having got up at an unearthly hour to tidy the place then lock myself out of my room.. I finally picked up my wonderful guest from the airport and introduced her to the Paddington neighbourhood. I forget how peaceful my home is ie a Japanese hut on the edge on an enchanted forest with large mystical birds singing in the background. We may swim in the pool of divine youth that can be seen from the first storey window. But in the meantime..
A breakfast snack:
Same as yesterday, I served my guest and I a boiled egg with hand made salt and pepper. My guest Miss Delight gave me Ginseng tea as a gift and we enjoyed a cup along with the egg.
I'm back to sleep and will awake when I don't feel so tired.
At the Sydney fish markets enjoying some sea wonder... I think about that BBC special called FISH!! and I appreciate the Japanese relationship with fish.

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