Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 2 A working day

Yesterday, having missed lunch and eaten fast food just before a flight back from Adeliade to Sydney (prior to the beginning of the new good scd food path) I woke up with a bloated sore belly and reminded myself how wonderful the scd food program is and set about preparing a 5 min breakfast before starting on a mountain of urgent work.
A boiled egg with a delicious mix of stone ground seas salt sprinkled on the top.
1 mug of tea that was milk/sugar free (surprisingly not bad) and a glass of fresh juice. I'm off to the office at the gorgeous The Rocks area in Sydney and looking forward to lunch.
For some rehydration I hacked into the fresh coconut and the water was delicious.
At The Rocks Sydney at my new local coffee shop I had my first long black with honey - different.
Lucky for me the outdoor trading of key restaurants is out in the streets and on Argyle street at the markets just outside my office. I was served up a steak and fresh tomato, fried onion and rocket salad instead of the burger option.
Afternoon tea was a handful of pistachios and some fresh dates from my desk drawer in the office.
Dinner will be last night's left overs heated up. I'm feeling inspired to create something with coconut, dates and nut meal for dessert.
Ok I didn't get to that ambition tonight but I did have a delicious seafood skewer meal from the market street stands outside my office for 8AUD. Lots of LEGAL foods on that one. Also had a couple glasses of dry white wine with my office folk and a second midnight snack with a mini cheese platter - no crackers/lavosh.

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