Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 1 To Good Living

After much contemplation over the past year and greatly inspired by Elaine Gottschall and the book Breaking The Vicious Cycle - Intestinal Health
( see and various other great sites. I thought this blog would be a great reference for quick and delightful specific carbohydrate diet meals. This is towards my long term good colon health and sharing the experience.
As a very busy and creative person removing toxic foods (see the above website) is challenging but I believe possible. A number of the recipes will be made up, adapted and borrowed from great sites. The key is to navigate through day to day meal time with exciting options that are really quick to identify, prepare or purchase.

You've got to be passionate about your life
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Having just got back from Adeliade tonight, I noticed a couple of fresh coconuts in the fridge and a well stocked pantry containing a number of different kind of nuts. I'll prepare something with this in the morning.
For dinner I prepared a couple lamb cutlets (washed before hand and rubbed garlic and lemon on them before cooking) and a stir fry.
Stir Fry
1/4 of a spanish onion
1/2 handful of almonds
fresh ginger
cut and peeled 2 zuchini's
cut and peeled 2 nectarine's
baby spinach
cracked pepper and handmade salt, home dried thyme
fish sauce (no sugar or illegals)
1.Onion fry in olive oil and added fresh ginger.
2. Add zucchini's and nectarines
3. Added cracked pepper and handmade salt and almonds
4. Threw in baby spinach at the last minute.

Cooking time 15 min. I like the lamb cutlets well cooked and fat crispy so they were
under the grill for 25 min

Delicious and I have some left over for lunch tomorrow at my office.

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