Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 38 Easter Monday

I spent the first part of the Easter break at mother in law. I overate home cooked SCD meals as I had a feeling I would be overwhelmed by Easter egg offerings.
The Easter bunny didn't put a spell on me this year. I have been generally overworked and stressed out trying to fit in everything before heading to the Light Fair in Germany as well as a business trip to Singapore.
In all that there's been wedding planning, my dear father visiting and my sister finally having the cutest princess ever.
I've packed a picnic bag of bare bone food essentials for my overseas business trips and look forward to checking out German health food cafes and stores.
Easter Sunday was spent with my mother and we had a wonderful fresh food meal from health cafe 'About life' in bondi junction. I can't wait to make an organic apple stew!

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